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Week Three – Stepping Up, Confronting Racism, Becoming an Ally, Covered in class:

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This is the third of three educational and interactive public forums on equity and inclusion. Participation in at least some, if not all of Phase 1 is strongly suggested. No pre-registration required – join us – all are welcome!

Please Join Us for a Community Conversation On Equity and Inclusion

How can equity and inclusion contribute to making Portsmouth the best place to live, work and play for EVERYONE?

Today, many across this country experience discrimination, based on specific traits such as race, ethnicity or one’s faith. These can be unconscious acts, or overtly violent, or somewhere in between. Racism, both individual and systemic, is the most common, historic and severe example of how inequity and exclusion can adversely affect our entire nation. Portsmouth/the Seacoast is not immune: although we consider ourselves a relatively inclusive community, locally, there have been troubling incidents based on race or seemingly neutral beliefs or traits such as faith or gender. We believe these attitudes undermine making Portsmouth the best place to live work and play for everyone.

Phase 1: Interactive Educational Forums
Moderator: Anne Romney

Interactive Educational Forum #3:

Stepping Up, Confronting Racism, and Becoming an Ally
What can communities do?
Becoming an Ally
Dealing with White Fragility
Difficult conversations and Confronting challenges

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